CAMTEK NetServWISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider)

Service Area: Barangay Cristo Rey, Capas, Tarlac Only


Thanks for your interest in our Internet Plan Offers for us to serve your business/home to experience data connectivity.


Internet Plans

15 MBPS – Php 1,000.00

25 MBPS – Php 1,500.00


One Time Payment

Php 3,500.00 (includes of Point to Point Antenna or Fiber Optic Cable and Media Converter, WIFI Router/Modem, UTP Cable and Installation)

Application Form

3 + 12 =

Your Requirements before Installation:

Ubiquiti AC Gen2/M5 5ghz Wireless Receiver free frequency (Point to Point Client).

  • Tenda or other devices Indoor Router 2.4ghz.
  • 20 meters outdoor.
  • Fiber Optic (wired client).
  • 3/4 size G.I. Pipe more than 20 ft. will be customers’ expenses.
  • 3,500 Php cash out after successful installation and service activation.




  • No contract so there’s no breach of contract
  • Php 3,500.00 Refundable after 30 days if unsatisfied with the internet service from the time of installation.
  • No refund after 30 days.
  • No advance payment so after 7 days after your due date it will automatically be disconnected.


What we provide:

  • Pay as you use the Internet hotspot service you only pay when you need it no commitment.
  • Direct free support for fixing and repair.



  • 60% reliability on calamities.
  • 10% reliability on power failures.
  • 90% reliability in normal circumstances.

Disclaimer:  The Internet is the complicated digital machinery and encounters disconnections please maintain the level of respect to our representatives, contractor, and technical support to maintain a good relationship. As a customer, you agree that Camtek Net Serv will not be responsible for the loss of profit, customers and business prospects and we are unable to warrant you a 100% uptime due to many levels of disruptions such as calamities, power failure, server failures, and fiber optic breakage. Therefore I accepted and understand and I sign this letter of agreement with full knowledge so that in the future no one can be blame of illogical arguments.

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